2018, Oerol

Photos GAKA – Tomoko Mukaiyama Oerol 2018

Dancer with a hand drum during the GAKA performance at the Oerol 2018 festival.

The photos of the GAKA performance by Tomoko Mukaiyama at the Oerol Festival.

(Nederlandse versie van dit artikel: Foto’s GAKA – Tomoko Mukaiyama Oerol 2018 (Nederlands))

GAKA – Tomoko Mukaiyama Oerol 2018

Out of Tomoko Mukaiyama’s earlier experience with the Terschellinger landscape during the successful performance Woman in the Dunes in 2016 the ritual theater performance GAKA (雅歌) arose. GAKA means “noble song” in Japanese en is made in collaboration with composer Maxim Shalygin and choreographer Un Yamada. The show premiered during Oerol and is inspired by the repetitive rhythms of the Kagura, a centuries old Shinto harvest ritual. In contradiction to traditional customs this time women performed the ritual, in Japan they are excluded from it. Dance, music and the stage provided for an hour long meditative and aesthetic experience.

The show was performed next to the Wierschuur at Oosterend with the Wadden Sea as a background. All performances started direct after sunset except for the last one, the last performance started at sunrise. This photo serie is made during the last performance on Sunday morning 24 June at 05.00u.

Website Tomoko Mukaiyama: www.tomoko.nl

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Credits GAKA

Concept & Direction: Tomoko Mukaiyama.
Choreographer: Un Yamada.
Music: Maxim Shalygin.
Performers: Co. Un Yamada, Ema Yuasa & Tomoki Kanzaki
Stage design: Tomoko Mukaiyama/ Ting Gong.
Costume: Tomoko Mukaiyama/ Ting Gong
Technical Director: Yutaka Endo, Luftzug.
Co-production: The Museum of Art, Kochi (JP), Oerol Festival, Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation & Multus (JP)
Partner: Co. Un Yamada (JP)
Production Manager: Toshiko Uehara
Supported: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Stimuleringsfonds, Arts Council Tokyo, Japan Art Council (JP) Dutch Embassy (JP), The Saison Foundation(JP)

See the Oerol website for more information about the festival: www.oerol.nl

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