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Photos Oerol Thursday 20 June 2019

Performance by MAN || CO bewegingstheater bij de Brandaris during Oerol 2019.

The Oerol photos of Thursday 20 June 2019.

Dit artikel is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands: Foto’s Oerol Donderdag 20 Juni 2019

Oerol Thursday 20 June 2019

Thursday was a day with only pop-up performances that started in the morning with a performance by de Meisjes met de Wijsjes in Midsland. The afternoon started a bit rainy in West but Gerard Olthaar – Klaarover and Duo No Nonsense – Oh No! did not let that bother them. After that the sun came out and the afternoon went on with Quiet Rites by Wetten met Koppen and Rat Race Runway by MAN || CO.

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