2018, Oerol

Photos Oerol Thursday 21 June 2018

People experiencing the Frustule expedition at Oerol.

The Oerol photos of Thursday 21 June.

(Nederlandse versie van dit artikel: Foto’s Oerol Donderdag 21 Juni 2018 (Nederlands))

Oerol Thursday 21 June 2018

After 6 busy days in the streets of West and Midsland it was time to get a breath of fresh air at the beach and enjoy the strong wind. The day started at the Westerkeyn, where Lewsberg played and Buro Rococo revealed the “Ware Zelfie” of many Oerol goers, from thereon it was off to the beaches of Hoorn, Oosterend and Formerum to visit the expedition projects by Hart van Veen, Garage29 / Grofweg Architecten and the TU Delft MSc Landscape Architecture / University of Twente.

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