2017, Oerol

Photos Moeremans & Sons and Toneelgroep Oostpool Oerol 2017

Members of Moeremans & Sons during a rehearsal for Oerol 2017.

The artists are busy with their preparation long before the Oerol festival starts. Scouting for a location, preparing costumes etc. and of course a lot of rehearsals. In the build-up to Oerol I had the honor to attend a rehearsal of two theater companies, one of them was Moeremans & Sons / Toneelgroep Oostpool.

Crashtest Ibsen: Pijler van de Samenleving

Wriggling the gullibility of humans is what’s happening in Crashtest Ibsen: Pijler van de Samenleving. Aren’t we mostly getting better in fooling ourselves? Are “freedom and truth” really the pillars of our society? Or is it trust? Or love? An unambiguous answer isn’t possible anymore. Does truth exist in or post-truth society?

Crashtest Ibsen: Pijler van de Samenleving is a top show on a beautiful location and you won’t get bored a second. It’s a strong last episode of the Ibsen series, because sadly this was the last show by the theatre collective Moeremans & Sons.

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Crashtest Ibsen: Pijler van de Samenleving – Moeremans & Sons / Toneelgroep Oostpool

Direction: Sarah Moeremans.
Play: Joep van der Geest, Louis van der Waal, Matthijs IJgosse, Eva Meijering, Rosa van Leeuwen, Sarah Moeremans.
Text: Joachim Robbrecht.
Costumes: Daphne de Winkel.
Technics: Merijn Versnel, Han Verweijen, Frans Körner, Niels Bruynjé, Marc Klaver.
Production: Siri Klein Robbenhaar.
Publicity:Eva Meijering, Marlies Spijker.
Music: Jimi Zoet.