2017, Oerol

Photos Dadadadan Tenko, Nishiko and Maria Kley Oerol 2017

Members of Dadadadan Tenko during a rehearsal at Oerol 2017.

The artists are busy with their preparation long before the Oerol festival starts. Scouting for a location, preparing costumes etc. and of course a lot of rehearsals. In the build-up to Oerol I had the honor to attend a rehearsal of two theater companies, one of them was Dadadadan Tenko.

(Nederlandse versie van dit artikel: Foto’s Dadadadan Tenko, Nishiko en Maria Kley Oerol 2017 (Nederlands))


Tsukumogami is the name of the show by Dadadadan Tenko and is about one of the largest natural disasters in the history of Japan: the seaquake on 11 March 2011. It is a story about nature, loss and human resilience. About 20.000 people lost their lives during this disaster and still more than 2500 people are missing.

The top location, the music, the dancing, the wind, the roaring waves breaking at the beach and the beautiful installation by artist Maria Kley and the by artist Nishiko restored objects that were found after the disaster make a beautiful whole and are a worthy remembrance of those who passed away and of those who are still missing after the seaquake.

Tsukumogami is a must-see show, one that will captivate you from the beginning until the end and one that touches you deeply. There are still tickets available via the Oerol website for some shows and for the other shows you can only get tickets in the day sale on the island. The Oerol website: www.oerol.nl/festival/programma

More information about Dadadadan Tenko, Maria Kley and Nishiko:

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Tsukumogami – Dadadadan Tenko, Maria Kley en Nishiko

Direction: Sawako Kitabayashi.
Choreography: Isaya Mondori.
Dancing: Isaya Mondori, Fu Jitsukawa.
Musicians: Akira Sakaue, Katsuyoshi Kojima, Kanako Otani, Renma Ikei, Anri Kobayashi, Shun Nishijima, Hideki Sakurai, Moeka Hironiwa, Tsuzumi Ushio.
Decor: Nishiko, Quintus Visser.
Costumes: Maria Kley.
Art installations: Maria Kley, Nishiko.
Technics: Quintus Visser.
Text: Nina van den Broek.
Production and publicity: Maria van den Broek.
With support by: Oerol, Japan Foundation, EU Japan Fest Japan Committee, Leeuwarden 2018, UAL, Satellietgroep, WG Theatertechniek en all participants to the crowdfunding.


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