2019, Oerol

Photos Opening Oerol 2019

Three kids staring at the festival ground from above.

The Oerol photos of the opening of the festival at the Westerkeyn.

Dit artikel is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands: Foto’s Opening Oerol 2019 (Nederlands)

Opening Oerol 2019 – Westerkeyn

Friday morning at 10.00u the gates of the Westerkeyn festival terrain were openend for the first visitors and the opening of the festival. At 10.15u the opening act of Hugo de Haas van Dorsser, Jörgen UNOM and 167 children who worked together on the Eilandkinderen project started. After that it was Emma Lesuis who told her specially written story while being supported by Nana Adjoa on the bass. Mayor Bert Wassink opened the Eilandkinderen exposition at the Barn and after everyone enjoyed the beautiful works of the children Eran & Satijn could start their first Ochtendtalkshow.

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